“Stay, Don’t Go!” Pet Cupcake Art Workshop

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Show your love to your pets through the art of bakery! Sponsored by Cake Art Therapy, this workshop will help you master your culinary skills and make beautiful and delectable cupcakes for your beloved furry friends. After the deduction of cost, proceeds will go towards the medical and daily expenses of our animals in need.

Duration: 45 mins
Participants: 10 ppl/ class
Price: HK$250/ a set of ingredients

There will be a total of 2 cupcakes after completed the workshop.

👦👧 Chocolate flavour with Beanpaste flower piping (eggs and milk included)
🐶🐱Small flower piping cupcake
Ingredients: minced chicken, mashed Potato, goat milk, salmon, Chinese yam and vegetable Broth Powder

Please beware of pet food allergies.

Registration Notice:

  1. No change and cancellation are allowed once the workshop is confirmed and paid.
  2. The workshop only provides guidance on Korean bean paste flower piping.
  3. Child at age 10 or below should be accompanied with an adult and use same set of ingredients.
  4. The workshop arrangement is subject to change without further notice.
  5. In case of any disputes, the decision of SPCA(HK) and Cake Art Therapy shall be final and conclusive.

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